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What does Innosoft do as a Video Streaming Application Development Company?

Video streaming is increasingly gaining popularity since the pandemic, and many users have already been using such OTT platforms rather than watching Television or Visiting Movie Theatres. These trendy Mobile Application Solutions are versatile concerning their features, hence favored by people of all ages. For example, video streaming applications support Live telecast of the series keenly watched by middle-aged females. Moreover, these OTT platforms are not limited to a specific age group, so their popularity is immensely reaching new heights. Innosoft offers all the high-end features to build your OTT Application exceptionally diverse.

Services we offer for video streaming application Development

OTT platforms should be planned thoroughly before executing into the marketplace; for this reason, our OTT App builders provide in-depth consultation for your requirements and offer tailored solutions for your desired OTT software. Through the customization, we can provide you with the video streaming software of your choice. Here is the niche of entertainment we offer:

Why build applications on Innosoft Group

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Features We Offer

Advanced features of video streaming platform

Unique profile management

We offer various options to design the user’s profile on their own. They can even add their profile picture to differentiate them from other users. In addition, they even can track their login and log-out information from their profile panel.


This feature is necessary for the users to filter their choice of video. A short option is also present in the streaming section for easy access.

Brief downloads

We offer the option to download the movie or video to watch later offline. This feature comes in handy while travelling long-distance journeys where Internet connection is hardly available. However, the downloaded content would not be available for a more extended period.

Seamless video streaming

We understand the importance of uninterrupted streaming, so we impart attention to the video quality of the ongoing video. We further make sure that the streaming quality is not hampered while shuffling the internet. Taking this into consideration, we provide adaptive video streaming.

Subscription models

To flourish your business, we understand the need for various subscription models. For this reason, we provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans for the convenience of your customers.

Secured In-app payment gateway

This feature allows users to pay through almost all platforms available for online payment and offer versatility to the OTT mobile Applications. Our developer makes sure we provide superior security for the payment gateway.

Live Video streaming

As we all have the entertainment niche under one roof, Live streaming is a must. We provide a separate section for live high-quality videos.

Search and filter options

This feature provides multiple filter options to narrow your search while browsing the Application.

Advanced video forwarding system

We offer minute-second laps for forwarding the ongoing video so that the viewer’s efforts are lessened while streaming. We also provide intelligent features to resume the video where it last ended.

Detailed rating

We offer several categories for rating a particular motion picture to receive an in-depth review of the video they wish to watch.

In-app Advertising

We understand the importance of advertisement yet in a limited amount. We offer ads where needed keeping the premium users in mind.

Multifunctional Admin panel

We offer an admin panel that is versatile enough to perform many functions remotely. For example, the admin can add or remove a particular video from their panel for instant implementation of videos.

Reasons to prefer innosoft for OTT Software Development Solutions

OTT Software Development Solution
Our OTT mobile Application developers are trained for creating OTT platforms that are more advanced with cutting-edge technology. Our testing team peculiarity checks the bugs that are instantly taken care of. We believe in honest communication and timely delivery of the product without compromising the Application quality. Our consultant team understands your requirements thoroughly to achieve the best possible results. Our OTT Application development solutions are pocket-friendly, even for a start-up company.