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At Innosoft, we acknowledge that the gaming industry is continually changing, and we are dedicated to remaining up-to-date with the latest advancements. We specialize in creating personalized 2D NFT games customized to meet your specific needs and objectives, whether you are searching for a mobile or web-based game.
2D PvP battle games offer a unique and exciting experience different from their 3D counterparts. Including NFT assets, such as exclusive weapons and characters, adds a new level of thrill to the gameplay, making it even more exciting.
Innosoft is known for its exceptional ability to develop outstanding 2D NFT casino games that provide a mind-blowing gaming experience. By incorporating rewarding NFTs into our casino games, we create an immersive, engaging, genuinely unique gameplay experience.
Innosoft is a leading developer of strategy-driven board games coupled with NFTs to create an immersive and rewarding gaming experience. Our team of experts specializes in building exceptional 2D NFT board games that are engaging and challenging, providing hours of fun and excitement for players.
2D racing and sports games evoke a sense of nostalgia that still entices 90s kids. We understand the appeal of this classic gaming genre, and we specialize in creating thrilling 2D NFT racing and sports games that feature compelling graphics and propelling gameplay.

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Unlocking the Power of NFTs in 2D Game Development

Highly Demanded

The demand for NFT games has surged due to the non-reversible ownership of NFT products. This has opened up an avenue for developers to generate more revenue by designing distinctive digital assets.

More Reach

Contemporary technology enthusiasts actively seek opportunities to invest in valuable NFT games and their assets. As a result, the game development industry has become a market for gamers and investors.

App Store Earnings

By developing a high-quality NFT game, one can utilize platforms such as the app store to generate revenue. These platforms compensate game developers and owners after a certain number of downloads; as the number of downloads increases, so does the income.


The development of 2D games is a cost-efficient option as they can be produced at a lower expense when compared to other types of games.

Less Competition

Even though 3D Games are gaining popularity, 2D games still attract a lot of crowds. This makes 2D games a lucrative field since the competition from mainstream publishers is less here.

Easy to Build Model

The monetization model of 2D Games is easy to build, which makes the whole process a lot faster.

Unlocking the Potential of 2D NFT Games with Innosoft Group

At Innosoft Group, we bring together a team of knowledgeable leaders, partners, and experts in NFTs and game development. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch game development solutions tailored to your business needs. We take the time to understand your requirements and offer customized services that align with your principles and concepts. We focus on delivering high-quality services that meet your timelines and exceed your expectations. Our customer support team is always available to address any queries. We offer a wide range of game development services, including 2D/3D/2D NFT/3D NFT, all within a budget-friendly structure. At Innosoft Group, your business is our top priority.

2D NFT Games We Create

Arcade Games

Our mission is to push the boundaries of gaming by incorporating blockchain technology and NFTs into our games. NFTs offer a new level of immersion and personalization in gaming, allowing players to truly own and customize their gaming experiences.

Action Games

At our company, NFTs offer a new level of personalization and ownership in gaming. Our games incorporate blockchain technology and NFTs to provide players with unique and valuable in-game assets they can call their own.

Fantasy Games

Our Fantasy NFT game development company, where we bring the magic of fantasy worlds to life through immersive gaming experiences. Our team of talented developers and passionate gamers is dedicated to creating games that transport players to new and exciting worlds filled with wonder and adventure.

Board Games

We incorporate blockchain technology and NFTs into our games to provide players with unique and valuable in-game assets they can call their own. Whether it's a rare artwork or a powerful game piece, our games offer a level of customization that is unrivaled in the gaming world.

PvP Battle Games

PvP battle games offer a unique level of engagement and immersion that cannot be found in other games. We specialize in creating games that put players in the center of intense battles, where every move and decision can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Adventure Games

Join us on this exciting journey and experience the thrill of adventure gaming like never before. Our games offer a unique and immersive experience that will take you on a journey of discovery and excitement.

Hire 2D NFT Game Developers

Our team of experienced NFT game developers is dedicated to creating engaging and profitable immersive gaming experiences. We deeply understand the NFT ecosystem and can guide you through the development process from ideation to launch. Our team of experienced developers is equipped with extensive knowledge of various programming languages and technologies. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality game development solutions that meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our developers work closely with you throughout the entire development process, ensuring that your vision is brought to life in a way that surpasses your expectations.


What is a 2D NFT game?
A 2D NFT game is a type of video game that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent unique in-game assets or items that players can collect or trade. These NFTs are stored on a blockchain, which allows for secure ownership and transfer of these digital assets.
What types of games does your company develop?
Our company specializes in developing 2D NFT games, ranging from puzzle games to adventure games to RPGs. Our developers, designers, and artists work together to create unique and engaging gaming experiences incorporating NFTs.
How do NFTs work in your games?
In our games, NFTs can represent a variety of in-game assets, such as weapons, armor, or characters. Players can purchase or earn these NFTs and have full ownership over them. They can use them in-game or trade them with other players on NFT marketplaces. Our games also utilize smart contracts to ensure the NFTs are secure and cannot be duplicated or altered.
Can I invest in your company?
Currently, we are not accepting investments from external parties. However, we appreciate your interest and support for our company and will update our website and social media channels if this changes.