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What services do we offer to flourish your business?

There are multifactorial Music applications available to enhance the versatility of your enterprise. You might possess a diverse user profile apart from the Music streaming Application audience. So, we provide you with several other Application solutions apart from the basic Music Application.
There is hype for Band performers among the adults for which the band performers are keen to have their Mobile Applications to connect with their fans.

There might be some singers who wish to teach singing online. For this reason, music learning Mobile Applications is a must. And we provide all the features suited for the best operating Music learning Applications.

These Apps come in handy very often. A reliable editing App with quality maintenance and attractive UI design enhances the number of users.

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Features We Offer

Admin panel

Most of the Admin activities are allowed to be accomplished through this panel. Admin can manage subscriptions and handle their users more efficiently in real-time. Moreover, Admin can also track users’ activities and instantly provide support or assistance for the same.

User panel

The user panel is created in much detail to operate the Application efficiently. The profile creation is simple and detailed with loaded features. Even the settings option is diverse and has all the advanced features of audio streaming.

What features do we instill in our Music Streaming Application?

Our professional developers are experienced in developing high-end applications that suit your target customers. So, they offer these Applications on all operating platforms, namely Android, iOS, and Windows. On top of this, they provide website Softwares Solutions for Music streaming for your convenience.
Registration and login

A smoother login is what is needed for ease of operating the Application. We also allow integrated login with Google and social media platforms.

Appealing UI/UX design

Our creative design team offers straightforward yet classic UI/UX design to lure more customers.

High-quality Streaming

We ensure the audio quality is not compromised despite modification of Internet connection.

Accessible operating features

The streaming screen contains various options to provide you with access operation. For instance, there are options to like audio clips and save them as a separate playlist automatically. In addition, the icons pop, listing the upcoming songs for you to select.

Shortcut features

We offer intelligent shortcut features which allow playing the Application on your home screen, making it user-friendly.

Diverse search options

This allows users to search music through multiple methods, namely, artists, songs, and albums.

Intelligent recommendation options

The Application remembers your most played audio and suggests you as a separate playlist on your feed.

Subscription types

We understand your business sense and offer weekly, quarterly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions options for your users.

Integrated sharing platform

Our Application allows integration of the Music Streaming Application with social media to tag friends and families. This feature would further increase the popularity of your Music Streaming Application.

In-app purchases

We offer in-app purchases for subscriptions with a secured payment gateway for ease of operation.

Reasons to choose Innosoft for Music Streaming Applications Solutions

Music Streaming Application Solutions
We are a Software development Company that offers one-stop-solution for all your Application requirements. The maintenance and support that we provide are superior and consistent. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and offers honest and transparent solutions for their needs. They also offer customization solutions to fulfill the needs of your users. In addition, we provide timely delivery, and our solutions are budget-friendly.